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About us

picsteam-r2.jpgIn this day and age 20 years is a long long time for a company to trade, particularly in this industry! But despite our longevity, we limited ourselves to 300 words to sum up the essence of the what we are….

The History

PICS was established in 1989 and has now traded for 2 complete and uninterrupted decades; in that time we have built an unmatched reputation in the industry for quality products and systems backed up by extraordinary service and professional technical support that is second to none.

The People

We have also built a dedicated and experienced team of people. Encouragingly and importantly, everyone actually enjoys working here and is motivated by our over-riding goal, the pursuit of total customer satisfaction. This means we actually do the things we say we will do… when we say we will do them! And better than anybody else….

The Infrastructure

Our Head Office and main distribution facility is in Newbury, Berkshire but we have also invested heavily in our own manufacturing plant on the South Coast and in setting up a Northern Depot, based in Sheffield. These facilities were added so that PICS could ensure rapid delivery of goods the length and breadth of the country, with quality control assured.


The Changing Face and The Constant Factor

During the last 20 years the Decorative Concrete Industry has been affected by changing fashion, advances in technology, legislation and more than one economic recession. Other suppliers have come and gone in that time but PICS has remained the one and only reliable factor.

The Reinvestment

…You can be sure that hasn’t happened by chance. Every year we invest hundreds and hundreds of hours researching and testing tools, products and manufacturing methods and in staff training to ensure that everything we supply you with is of the highest possible standard

The Future

More of the same – yes, some things you really can rely on!

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