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Paving Applications and Systems

If you are in the Paving Industry, you will know there are many things that can result in a day’s work going to waste. It is absolutely essential that you have products and tools that won’t let you down on site - and no matter how long you’ve been in the industry there will be times when you could really use some free technical support and advice….

You will find all this and much more from PICS.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete - (PICSPAVE)

domesticthumbnail-r.jpgImprinted concrete is the Rolls Royce of paving. PICSPAVE is available in a huge number of design and colour combinations, and will suit any size of project whether Domestic, Commercial or Industrial.

We hold massive stocks of all the specialist ancillaries and tools and manufacture and supply over 30% of the Colour Surface Hardener, Release Agent, and Sealers used in the UK every year. Plus we have a massive range of imprinting mats...[ Read more here ]


3-r.jpgWALLCRETE is a very advanced lightweight render, specifically designed and manufactured by PICS to recreate the natural products used in walling and construction.

Cost-effective, long-lasting and versatile, the installation techniques are similar to imprinted concrete and the results equally as stunning...
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Block Paving - (PICSEAL and PERMASEAL)

2blockpavinghalfsealedcloseup-r.jpgPICSEAL and PERMASEAL, developed and manufactured at our South Coast plant, combat the problems of staining, weed growth and the instability in the jointing sand that adversely affect many block pave installations...
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Tarmac & Asphalt - (PICSCOAT)

6-r.jpgPICSCOAT is our own brand heavy duty commercial quality Tarmac restoration and Asphalt refurbishment product. Surfaces that have become faded, worn and shabby are transformed to “good as new” with a single application...
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5-r.jpgWhatever the size of the area, and whether it is an existing surface or a new installation, indoors or outdoors, plain concrete can be coloured and patterned using these own manufactured materials to produce attractive and artistic  finishes, limited only by the imagination...
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Resin Bond - (PICSBOND)

9-r.jpgPICSBOND is a two-part flexible binder that, when combined with natural aggregates, produces an attractive surface dressing suitable for roads, car parks, ramps and pedestrian areas. Its flexible nature allows it to be applied to new or existing concrete, or even wood and steel...
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