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Block Paving

3blockpavingdrivewayhalfsealed-r.jpgPICSEAL and PERMASEAL, developed and manufactured at our South Coast plant, combat the problems of staining, weed growth and the instability in the jointing sand that adversely affect many block pave installations.

When first laid Block paving should look great – but it can quickly lose its new sheen if not treated with sealer. Whatever its age, block paving is brought to life with an application of our solvent based sealer, PICSEAL.

Both new or mature block paving is transformed with the easy-spray application. PICSEAL reacts with the natural pigments in the blocks to provide a sealed and easy-to-maintain finish as well as hardening the top layer of jointing sand. The transformations are dramatic – see our Gallery here.


Quality and consistency are essential - there are many alternative sealers available on the market but none are manufactured to higher standards than PICSEAL so it won’t let you down on site. Our state of the art manufacturing plant employs digital measuring processes to ensure that the chemical mix is precisely the same on every batch we make.

The British climate can hinder a smooth running operation so to avoid down-time when you could be working you need suppliers who can jump quickly when you shout. We manufacture huge quantities and maintain massive stocks so any orders placed by 2pm are guaranteed for Next Working Day deli1blockpavingstepshalfsealed-r.jpgvery.

Special Features

  • Enhances natural block paving colours
  • Brings old paving alive
  • Easy to apply by sprayer or roller
  • Adds profit to new or old installations
  • Resists oil and stain penetration
  • Inhibits weed and algae growth
  • BS5750 / ISO9000 quality approved material

PERMASEAL is our water-based sealer and is suitable only in very specific situations, normally for supermarket car parks, pedestrian walkways etc. PERMASEAL has elastometric properties which provides for even stronger binding of the jointing sand used in block paving installations.

For particularly demanding applications we recommend PERMASEAL PU which incorporates an aliphatic urethane pre-polymer resin to provide high chemical resistance and flexibility. Suitable for petrol station forecourts, HGV loading areas and estate roads.

Business Opportunity

Driveway refurbishment has become a boom business in the last few years and there are many small businesses in the UK who do nothing else but reseals of block and imprinted concrete driveways.

Some homeowners request a regular reseal which means repeat business for the installer; by focusing on homes that could obviously benefit from a reseal you can target your marketing very efficiently and build up a list of names that should provide you with repeat income year after year. (Read more here)

For an extensive range of Pressure Cleaning Equipment, see what our friends at Smartseal can offer you... http://trade.smartseal.co.uk/equipment/pressure-cleaning-equipment/


If you want to get involved in the expanding Driveway Refurbishment market our one day covers everything you will need to know. (Read more here)

PICS is partnering with Smartseal for training in this sector - http://trade.smartseal.co.uk/training.htm

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