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KFC Drive Thru update

PICSPAVE has been the specified paving of choice on KFC Restaurant drive-thru lanes for many years. Following a successful period in the early 1990's when McDonalds used PICSPAVE for the majority of their developments, this successful formula has continued with KFC.

PICS have been able to nominate many local installation companies of choice around the UK and advise the teams to help ensure consistent installation quality, which means that PICSPAVE continues to be the natural choice for high traffic paving on the drive-thru lanes for many years to come.

KFC themselves continue to grow their brand, as their web-site states ;

"with over 750 restaurants in the UK and an annual growth rate of 15% KFC continues to be the fastest growing restaurant brand in the UK. During the last 5 years we have opened over 200 new restaurants and want to increase this level of opening even further over the next 5 years."

If you know of a new KFC development near you, do check out that it is on our schedule, and we can discuss the installation opportunities with you.


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