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Picsbond - a "Dog friendly" different use!

Picsbond has been installed for many years as an attractive hardstanding. Picsbond is a resin bonded stone system, which provides a stone or decorative shingle effect without any of the normal disadvantages associated with loose gravel.

More recently however, Transform Paving of Liverpool has been asked by the local authorities to install Picsbond as a decorative cap for a tree pit capping material. One of the main reasons it is specified is to minimise the damage our canine friends do to the soil and root system around the trees!

Picsbond is installed at circa 50mm and generally 6-10mm stones are used for this purpose. In areas of high wear these larger stones may be capped with Picsbond using 3mm stones to produce a tighter, more closed and therefore stronger more durable surface.

The nature of Picsbond is such that it will accommodate tree growth and allow water to run through the highly permeable surface and thus water the tree. It looks great, there's no loose stones or dirt to kick around and the area around the tree will look neat and tidy at all times.

Due to its ease of installation and the many practical benefits of a Picsbond capped tree pit, further utilisation is planned for the future across the UK.


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