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Business Opportunities

If you are looking for more work and more profits, come and talk to us about some of the fantastic opportunities that exist in the paving industry using the bespoke PICS systems.

Over the last 20 years we have gathered a huge amount of knowledge of what works and what doesn’t in the paving industry. We have seen businesses come and go, successes and failures, and we know how to go about building a good income and a good reputation….

….But we don’t install paving.

So what’s the point in knowledge if you don’t share it?

These are our systems:

We have trained and helped many hundreds of contractors get started across the range of systems and products. We have made a study of the good and the bad – now we want to share that knowledge. Why not with you?

So whether you are looking to get involved in the paving sector for the first time, or are looking for a new source of work to supplement an existing business, we want to help you.

We run training courses on each of the systems, from theory to practical, to the on-site, hands-on dirty work. After those sessions you will know whether it’s for you!

But we also run courses in Sales & Marketing that will give you no-nonsense but critical things you need to be doing to increase your chances of success. Contractors who employ these skills and techniques experience very positive results.

So give yourself an advantage over everyone else - Call us now so we can help you identify new profit making opportunities for YOU.

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