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Whatever the size of the area, and whether it is an existing surface or a new installation, indoors or outdoors, plain concrete can be coloured and patterned using these own manufactured materials to produce attractive and artistic  finishes, limited only by the imagination.

All products are manufactured at our state of the art plant near the South Coast of England.

PICS COLOUR TOP – for permanent deep colours in high traffic environments

2-r.jpgThe combination of natural pigments and quartz hardeners ensure permanent deep colours in highly trafficked environments. Suitable for use on all types of hard landscaping COLOUR TOP is available in a wide range of colours and can be applied by sponging, rag rolling, brushing or trowelling. (Gallery)

PICSTAIN – dramatically transforms the appearance of existing concrete paving

6-r2.jpgWhen applied to concrete the combination of metallic salts in a mildly acidic water based solution reacts with the free-lime in the cement to colour etch the paving to give a permanent aged appearance. For optimum results PICSTAIN should be used with COLOUR TOP. (Gallery)

PICSTINT – colouring that is included in concrete mix at time of production

1-r1.jpgThis system results in a concrete mix that is coloured throughout; it can be used in conventional paving or in a variety of concrete structures such as retaining walls but is also suitable for coloured mortar, floor screeds and pre-cast products. PICSTINT is used in conjunction with COLOUR TOP for extreme high wear areas. (Gallery)

Full Training and Support is provided for contractors not already familiar with these products.

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