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ruedeluxembourgbrussels-r.jpgSince 1990 we have appointed Distribution Partners in 11 countries on 4 continents and trained and supplied over 100 installation contractors across the globe. Attention to detail, honouring our commitments and our ability to manufacture and supply reliable top-grade materials have all been vital in achieving this success.” Amanda Mulligan

Distribution Partners

What We Offer Distribution Partners

  • Quality Materials produced to ISO 9001
  • Exclusive Territories
  • Full Product and Installation Training Programme
  • Full Marketing and Sales Training Programme
  • An extensive range of quality Paving Systems
  • Local Licensed Manufacturing Option
  • Ongoing Technical Development of new and existing Paving Systems
  • Marketing on a Global basis to Architects and Specifiers
  • The Market Potential

Since 1990 PICS have been involved in developing the decorative and Pattern Imprinted Concrete markets throughout the world.

With a large number of quality paving and walling systems we have a wide range of business opportunities for the professional distributor.

Our experience will enable us to guide you through the installation process of all the various systems, in addition our marketing expertise will enable you to identify and approach the various markets which in turn will develop a profitable long term business


Installers from many countries around the world have taken advantage of the range of paving and walling systems that PICS offer together with the quality assured products and materials.

It enables contractors and installers in many countries to offer the quality alternative to the locally available products, giving them a unique selling advantage over their competition.

PICS has a very real incentive to keep you informed of developments of new and exciting products and systems which can further develop your business.

Will we be competitive? YES! How do we know? Because we manufacture the full range of our products in-house, ensuring that we have complete control over the quality and costs of our products.

Own / Toll Manufacture


As a supplier / distributor to the decorative concrete and paving market you may wish to take advantage of our dedicated manufacturing facilities allowing you to focus on the important issues of building and operating a business.

The costs of setting up dedicated manufacturing plants and operating them can be expensive, money that may be better utilized elsewhere within your business.

We have specialist liquid / sealer (both water and solvent based) and dry powder plants, which are capable of manufacturing some or all of your needs for the markets we operate in.

As a successful contractor you may wish to own label the products you use in order that you can promote your own brand to your market place.

An additional benefit could be that you can supply to other installers and contractors locally, or encourage new installers and contractors into the industry, ALL using YOUR products.

Quality Controlled Manufactured Materials

All materials are manufactured to an independently audited quality control system ISO 9001.

You will have the opportunity to visit the manufacturing facility and witness the quality control process in operation. YOU WILL BE IMPRESSED and reassured that your materials are produced to the highest standards.


We can package materials to suit your requirements, ranging from 1000 ltr I.B.C's to 1ltr units for liquids, and 1000kg to 1kg units for powders.

All with your own labels if required.


We understand the importance of confidentiality, therefore all materials manufactured for you are dispatched directly to you from the production plant which is separate from our main office and distribution warehouses.

We never disclose our business activities with 3rd parties.

To discuss your requirements please call Andrew Goord on 0044 1635 202224 or email at andrew.goord@picsuk.com

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