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Pattern Imprinted Concrete - (PICSPAVE)

deepjointcobble3-r.jpgImprinted concrete is the Rolls Royce of paving. PICSPAVE is available in a huge number of design and colour combinations, and will suit any size of project whether Domestic, Commercial or Industrial.

We hold massive stocks of all the specialist ancillaries and tools and manufacture and supply over 30% of the Colour Surface Hardener, Release Agent, and Sealers used in the UK every year. Plus we have a massive range of imprinting mats available for purchase or hire. No wonder our market share is growing year on year.

As can be seen from our extensive PICSPAVE Gallery of finished jobs, pattern imprinted concrete produces absolutely spectacular results.

The preparation for and process of installation have very specific stages but is not particularly complex; however, in order to achieve a good job it is absolutely essential that the installers have a complete understanding of the procedures, the timings involved, the reaction and relationship between the concrete, the climatic conditions prevailing at the time, the colour surface hardener, release agent and sealer etc.



Click here for our full range of PICSPAVE courses that cover Theory, Practical On-Site, plus Sales & Marketing techniques. Includes a full Agenda of what is covered each day, and the cost of attending.

Business Opportunities

Installers operate all across the UK, ranging from sole-traders who have small areas “wrapped up” because of the local and personal service they provide, to nationwide installers who will move their teams wherever the work is.

Attention to detail is key – the installers who don’t cut corners during the installation, don’t use sub-standard tools and materials and recognise the value of basic marketing techniques can expect to make a good living. [ Read more here ]

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