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For areas of hard landscaping where abrasion resistance and aesthetic design properties are of primary concern COLOURTOP offers an ideal solution.

The combination of natural pigments and quartz hardeners ensure permanent deep colours in highly trafficked environments. Detailed designs can be created for Promenades, Plazas, Shopping Centres and many other public open spaces.

Special Features

  • High abrasion resistance and permanent colour
  • Skid Resistance Value (SRV) of 44-65 in TRL tests
  • Fast track installation
  • Finished surface can be brushed, sponged or trowelled
  • Wide range of colours to create intricate designs
  • Offers Best Value criteria for long term costs
  • Monolithic paving for minimal maintenance
  • Vandal proof sealed surface

COLOURTOP is at home in almost any environment from transport depots to theme parks. With a wide range of colours available, the design opportunities are many. Surface finishes include sponging, rag rolling, brushed and trowelled and can include custom designs.

Full technical support and product samples are available to ensure a successful combination of colour and surface finish.

Typical Applications

  • Promenades
  • Shopping Centres
  • Theme Parks
  • Transport Depots
  • Estate Roads
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