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Tarmac and Asphalt

7-r.jpgPICSCOAT is our own brand heavy duty commercial quality Tarmac restoration and Asphalt refurbishment product. Surfaces that have become faded, worn and shabby are transformed to “good as new” with a single application.

Tarmac and Asphalt driveways are the most common in the UK. If installed by a reputable company, when first laid, it will have a good finish, with neat edges and a uniform surface. And it will be black.

However, very quickly it will start to fade as tar is not UV resistant. Once it loses its “just installed” freshness it can look very bland and grey, suffering in comparison to imprinted concrete, blocks and resin bonded surfaces all of which can be expected to retain their attractiveness long after initial installation.

Tarmac and asphalt will also start to crumble and break up much quicker than other surfaces and, depending on the traffic, will need replacing every few years.

BUT all is not doom and gloom!!!

5-r1.jpg6-r1.jpgOld and faded Tarmac and Asphalt goes Back-to-Black with an application of PICSCOAT. (see the dramatic results achieved in our Gallery of PICSCOAT Before and Afters.)

Added benefits

  • Fraction of the cost of full replacement
  • Protects against normal wear and tear
  • Enables easy-clean of oil leaks and fuel spillages
  • Severely inhibits weed, algae and moss growth
  • Helps bind loose stones and prevent cracking
  • Increases the life of the original surface


It really is a very simple process, not dissimilar from sealing imprinted concrete and block paving, so may not require formal training to those already involved in the paving industry. However for those who request it we do provide technical and on-site practical training, covering the initial survey and pricing, through to site preparation and completion of a job.

We also provide an Instructional DVD to support the training, and there is a range of accessories that will deal with other structural repairs and refurbishments to tarmac.

Business Opportunity

Add up these hard facts…

  • There are 24 million residential dwellings in the UK
  • The vast majority of which have a driveway.
  • The most common driveway surface is Tarmac.
  • The majority of existing Tarmac driveways are dull grey, shoddy and in some state of disrepair.
  • It is very easy to identify the driveways that would benefit from an application of PICSCOAT, meaning marketing can be totally focused.

The initial investment to get started is very low and almost any town in the UK will have enough tarmac driveways within a 20 mile radius to enable a sole-trader to sustain a viable business. [ Read more here ]

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