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Who’s Who?

Andrew Goord

Andrew Goord

Position: Managing Director

Joined PICS in Month / Year: I launched the company in 1989 so it’s now 20+ years and counting.

Responsibilities: My ultimate aim is Total Customer Satisfaction but you can’t achieve anything without good committed people around you so, apart from strategic planning and implementation, my main responsibility has always been to develop a team that strives to achieve excellence in their individual roles. Knowing that if I put the right short, medium and long-term strategies in place the team will deliver gives me great confidence.

Motivation: I am proud of the fact that PICS is market leader within the Decorative and Pattern Imprinted Concrete industry and am hugely motivated to ensure we maintain that status, whatever the UK economy chucks at us!

Relevant Experience: I have been involved in the Building & Construction Industry since leaving college in 1977, and held a range of technical sales and management positions with companies such as ARC / Hanson, RMC Group, Armorex / SIKA, prior to starting PICS.

Job Satisfaction: I have enjoyed being an influential contributor in the development of the industry over the last 20 years. During this time I have met some wonderful characters who have become good friends and built many strong professional relationships without which PICS could never have achieved market leader status.

Personal Interests: I love anything to do with racing cars and bikes around tracks and am a true F1 fanatic – the Motorbike GPs hold equal fascination as I cannot imagine a sport requiring greater bravery… man and machine as one!

Email: Andrew.goord@picsuk.com

Amanda Mulligan

Amanda Mulligan

Position: PA to Andrew Goord MD PICS Ltd

Joined PICS in Month / Year: May 2001.

Responsibilities: My main responsibility is to provide support and assistance to Andrew Goord the Managing Director. In addition to this I am responsible for the smooth running of the sales office and to ensure in conjunction with all our ladies in the office,  that our customers receive a top quality service from the time they place their first order right through to receiving their goods.

Motivation: My motivation stems from the fact that people consider PICS to be a top class player in our field and consequently we as a team strive to uphold this. It is also very rewarding to have a customer thank you for a job well done.

Relevant Experience: My background has always been within the customer service type environment right from my very first job at the Prudential Assurance Company through to my time at PICS. At the end of the day whatever industry you are in customer service is customer service and people have expectations as to who how they would like to be treated.

Job Satisfaction: Since I joined PICS back in 2001, I have always enjoyed and received great satisfaction from my job. One of the most enjoyable things about my job is the fact that my role is so varied and enables me to get involved in so many different areas of the business both within the UK and abroad. 

Personal Interests:  My one personal interest is to relax and enjoy life. PICS as a company has always promoted a healthy work life balance and that is something I try to achieve.  We all work hard on a day to day basis but it is also very important to play hard too.

John Linley

John Linley

Position: Technical Manager.

Joined PICS in Month / Year: May 1998

Responsibilities: Training and technical support and occasionally some project management. In addition, product evaluation and product development. I would consider my key responsibility, is to ensure PICS customers receive technical and practical support, whenever required, to improve quality and profitability, reduce problems and call backs, which benefits EVERYBODY.

Motivation: Great satisfaction, working with the team at PICS and seeing the company grow and doing whatever I can to contribute to that growth. Same rhetoric can be applied to our customers. Seeing a customer become more proficient and more profitable gives me a great deal of pleasure. 

Relevant Experience: After ten years working on offshore oil rigs as a saturation diver, I commenced in the decorative concrete industry in February 1988 as a contractor installing PIC and gained a wealth of experience installing paving in the domestic and commercial markets. There are consequently many installations (domestic and commercial) I am still happy to put my name to which were completed nearly two decades ago. As I grew I employed 3 full time concrete laying teams and had 18 franchised outlets and undertook work all around the UK.
Since joining PICS in 1996 I have been involved with many projects ranging in size from the Blue Peter garden (got the badge) to Disney - Hong Kong (got the T shirt) and over the years have represented PICS throughout the UK and in Ireland, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Job Satisfaction: I especially enjoy talking with and working alongside contractors, engineers or architects who are passionate about PIC and are keen to utilise the product with a common aim; to its very best technical and aesthetic potential, whether that’s for a small patio or a large commercial area, inside or out, this country or overseas.

Personal Interests: Many people would say PIC is my personal interest too! Sad but true ! However, to all those doubters, I do have other interests. A bit of snow skiing, scuba diving, mountain biking / cycling, parapenting, gardening, my fish pond and even a drop of Speckled Hen (beer) every now and again!

Email: john.linley@picsuk.com

John Grant

John Grant

Position: Sales Manager

Joined PICS in Month / Year: April 1993

Responsibilities: My main responsibility is to achieve the sales growth of the business by developing the market in the UK for our growing range of products and paving systems. Whilst this is primarily pattern imprinted concrete products, I have been actively involved in selling our sealers, resin bonded and driveway refurbishment products. I manage our sales team to sell quality products based on excellent customer service and we strive to achieve market leader status in each product sector. I continue to build relationships with key industry players and continually identify new customers across the UK.

Motivation: I always get a buzz from achieving our growth, and seeing the reputation of PICS develop in the UK as market leader. I am especially motivated by meeting customers face to face and building personal relationships, and then seeing the growth of both our businesses over many years.

Relevant Experience: I have been involved in the Construction and Building Materials sector since leaving the merchant navy in 1980, and held a range of transport, sales and management  positions with RMC Readymix , Hales Waste Control and Sypol Environmental Management prior to starting with PICS.

Job Satisfaction: I have been excited to contribute in the development of PICS and the wider industry over the last 15 years. During this time I have developed new brands, grown sales to achieve our goals and been hands on in all aspects of the business – from the fork lift to the frontline! I have been pleased to apply the business lessons gained from practical experience and a part-time degree into a real business, and work with a great team at PICS. Our personal and business ethics help me to sleep well at night, whilst enjoying the relationships we build.

Personal Interests: I enjoy being a family man with two young children which always keeps work in perspective! My running and music collection keep me busy and an active role in a growing Church enables me to grow in my Christian faith. I am a mostly armchair sportsman these days with an ambition to complete my fourth and final marathon in 2012 when I hit 50!!

Email: john.grant@picsuk.com

Jean Lindsell

Jean Lindsell

Position: Sales Office / IT Manager

Joined PICS in Month / Year: August 2004

Responsibilities: Main responsibilities are to provide support to John Grant our National Sales Manager with the implementation of the sales and marketing strategy, new business generation and key account management.  In addition I am responsible for sales enquiries, management reporting/analysis and our IT systems. 
My ultimate goal is to ensure we are unrivalled in providing the highest quality of customer service.

Motivation: The fact that PICS is market leader within the industry from both a customer service and quality perspective is motivation in itself to ensure that we stay in that position.

Relevant Experience: My background is from within the plc arena in IT and Telecomms. I have held a range of project management and consulting positions with companies such as Motorola and Oracle and prior to joining PICS had my own consultancy business.

Job Satisfaction:  We have a great team here all striving for the same result – EXCELLENCE in our field and whilst working very hard we have fun doing it. What more could you want.

Personal Interests:  I have a large 4 legged family to look after (horses, dogs & cats) but also enjoy walking and gardening particularly growing veg.

Email: jean.lindsell@picsuk.com

Alison Walker

Alison Walker

Position:  Accounts

Joined PICS in Month / Year: June 2007

Responsibilities: I am responsible for the day to day affairs of all the financial matters of the company including sales and purchase ledger, credit control, VAT and payroll. I aim to maintain a good relationship with customers and suppliers.

Motivation: I am motivated to maintain the accounts functions within the company that I have helped to create and to continuously improve on this.

Relevant Experience: I was a tax officer for HMRC for a couple of years after leaving school before leaving to join one of the top 20 firms of Accountants as a personal tax supervisor with a portfolio of approximately 300 clients. I left after over 15 years to work for myself for a few years dealing with clients personal tax and accountancy matters and then went on to work as a book keeper for a few small to medium sized businesses before coming to PICS.

Job Satisfaction: I really enjoy my job with the wide variety of tasks involved and various people I come into contact with all keeping me constantly busy with no two days the same. To add to this, the friendly mad team I work with are the icing on the cake!

Personal Interests : Shopping, socialising with friends, being mum to one, step-mum to three & nanny to three (and one on the way due September 2009!) and CHOCOLATE!

Email: alison.walker@picsuk.com

Clare Bryant

Clare Bryant

Position: Sales & Marketing Assistant

Joined PICS in Month / Year: June 2007

Responsibilities: My main responsibility is to provide assistance to Jean Lindsell & John Grant so that as a team we can provide a first class sales & marketing service to both new & existing customers. In addition to this I help with the organisation of our product training days to provide new customers with the best product knowledge & support to start their new business venture.

Motivation: To be part of a great team keeps everyone motivated and gives you a great sense of pride. Each day is a new day which always drives you to achieve more.

Relevant Experience: Since leaving college in 1992, I have always worked in a Sales & Customer Service environment, in a variety of industries which has enabled me to gain a number of skills & experiences along the way.

Job Satisfaction: I really enjoy working with a great group of people every day, who work so hard to deliver the best customer service possible.

Personal Interests: I love spending time with my family although, now the children are growing up my role as mum is turning increasingly to the taxi driver! I love socialising with friends and I do try to throw in a small amount of walking / cycling just to try and stay young & healthy!!

Email: clare.bryant@picsuk.com

Helen Whiteley

Helen Whiteley

Position: Customer Services Administrator

Joined PICS in Month / Year: May 2007

Responsibilities: Working alongside Mandy and Annie as the first point of contact with our customers. Our primary aim is to ensure the highest level of customer service from the point of ordering a product through despatch to safe delivery.

Relevant Experience: I have always enjoyed working with people as part of a small team and would be lost in a larger establishment. After 8 years working with adults with challenging behaviour I sought a career change and have been happily working within customer service roles since then.

Job Satisfaction: Comes from working within a strong and established team here at PICS.

Personal Interests: After buying a house that needed a lot of TLC my weekends seem to be mostly spent diy-ing. I am an avid West Ham supporter, despite this I try to live as full a life as possible. I also enjoy winning bets, gardening, baking and singing.

Email: helen.whiteley@picsuk.com

James White (Most of our customers know me as Jim)

James White

Position: Warehouse Manager

Joined PICS in Month / Year: April 2001

Responsibilities: 1. Managing the day to day running of the warehouse
2. Stock control/ordering i.e. order stock from suppliers and annual stock take
3. Managing and assisting warehouse staff (James and Remek) in their daily duties
4. Local and urgent van deliveries/transport display goods for open days
5. First aider
6. Transport for deliveries to our customers
7. Ensure deliveries to our customers are correct
8. Maintain records of haulage/check haulage invoices
9. Arrange credit notes for customer returns
10. Put customer orders on our system
11. Ensure our mat hire range is up to date
12. Unloading/loading of stock with fork truck
13. Assisting the management team when required

Relevant Experience: I have worked in the retail trade for 22 years (from 1978-2000), which involved stock control/taking deliveries/displaying and selling of stock/dealing with the general public on a daily basis.

I joined PICS in April 2001 and to date have been with the company 9 years.

Job Satisfaction: Knowing that when our goods are sent out to our customers the goods have been checked and double checked by our warehouse staff to ensure all deliveries are correct.
Talking to and helping our customers who call in to see us here in Hermitage.
Working alongside my work colleagues in the warehouse/sales office.

Personal Interests: I am an active member of my local sports club and have this year (2010) been appointed vice chairman. I have for over 20 years been calling bingo twice a month for our club members. I also enjoy doing mobile discos, country walks and visiting stately homes.

Email: James.white@picsuk.com

Alan Goord

Alan Goord

Position: Production Manager

Joined PICS: April 2002


  1. Programming manufacturing schedules of all PICS products
  2. Quality control management of all materials both goods and finished stock
  3. Health and safety + first aid officer
  4. Purchase of all raw materials and packaging requirements
  5. Production of PICS samples
  6. Organise production plant visits
  7. Manage maintenance schedules
  8. Organise dispatch to both Newbury and Sheffield depots plus selected export clients.
  9. Manage, recruit and train production personnel  

Relevant Experience: Prior to joining PICS i was involved in the construction industry, managing and working on projects such as Tesco and Sainsbury’s superstores throughout the south coast of England.

Job Satisfaction: Having total faith in our products in the knowledge that we have quality control from Raw Material purchase through manufacture to delivery to ensure highest possible customer service at all times. I enjoy being involved in the new and exciting products that we as a company develop. Watching the sales of these products grow year on year

Personal Interests: gardening, football, motor racing, supporting my sons.

Ethan Burnett

Ethan Burnett

Position: Northern Area Manager

Joined PICS: August 2009.

Responsibilities: My original role was to improve all aspects of the Sheffield depot.  With this done my new role is to oversee the smooth running of the depot and help, guide or make the decisions that are occasionally sent to try us.  The rest of my time is now becoming devoted to getting out and meeting all the people I have been looking after during the last year or so, to ensure we maintain the highest available level of customer support.  I am also constantly looking to develop new business, make new friends and new customers, look for new products and ideas, and expand my experience and knowledge within the concrete industry.

Motivation: My personal motivation comes from within, I hate laziness with a passion and will always strive to do today what can be done today.  I love achieving new goals, more so when I set them for myself.

Relevant Experience: My experience within the concrete industry has been entirely with PICS Ltd.  My prior business experience was gained from starting my own business in 1989 and then turning it into a Limited Company which I have been a Director of for almost a decade.  My previous business knowledge gave me the experience to appreciate how to run a successful business at every level which I feel I have been able to incorporate into my time at PICS Ltd.

Job Satisfaction: My job satisfaction comes from achieving what at first glance seems unachievable on a daily basis.  I like to use my skills to see the solutions to problems that others have not yet anticipated, with 100% customer satisfaction the primary goal.  I take a great deal of pride in my work and always try to do things to the best of my abilities.  I get enormous satisfaction from the knowledge that I am working for the best company in the PIC industry.  PICS manufacture the best products and are backed up by the best people within the industry.

Personal Interests: I have an interest in most things that involve adrenalin and natures elements.  I have rock climbed, abseiled, bungee jumped, windsurfed, water skied, snow skied, snow boarded, scuba dived,  go karted, motorcycled, fished and tried most ways of trying to injure myself.  I was the British Long Track Champion Jet Skier in 1986 in the Sport Class.  I am a keen marksman and have held a Firearm Certificate for the last 10 years. My longest passion has been for flying after learning to Hang Glide in the early 80’s.  I achieved my Private Pilots License in 1992, hold a current Instrument Meteorological Condition rating and love to take people flying to share what is a wonderful privilege.  I like fast cars and as a member of a Supercar Club enjoy raising money for charities like Bluebell Wood Hospice for Children and the Air Ambulance.  I am also a family man with a 10 year old daughter who I am very proud of.  I have a lovely wife who suffers from ME which has made me realise we are here for a good time, not a long time, so I like to make the most of everything I do. (I also enjoy an occasional whisky!).

Email: ethan.burnett@picsuk.com

James May

James May

Position: Sales Representative

Joined PICS in Month / Year: 31st February 2011

Responsibilities:  I’m the Sales rep for the north west of the UK, which involves generating new customers and making people aware of other products and services we offer, also I look after existing customers of PICS to provide a service second to none.

Motivation: I always get the drive to help others, and I’m very passionate about imprinted concrete. Also working with a great team that helps me achieve my goals. My main motivation is the customer where ever I can help I will.

Relevant Experience: I have been in the imprinted concrete industry for 8yrs, I have worked for one national company (town & country) doing driveway engineering, repairs and installs, and also I have worked with small successful firms like Ready pave. I also had my own company which worked in the south of the UK and south France

Job Satisfaction: Knowing I have given a good service as I received when I was a PICS customer, also meeting like minded people that turn into great friends.

Personal Interests:  My koi carp, parrots and cats, I’m a keen footballer and me and my friends have our own team in an FA affiliated league, I also enjoy paintballing and track days every now and then.

Email: james.may@picsuk.com

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