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About us

An overview of the last 30 years in pattern imprinted concrete, some of the people behind it and a few key moments in our history.

Company Overview

For nearly 30 years PICS has supported the pattern imprinted concrete industry and we’ve made it our business to deliver outstanding service to businesses across the UK and beyond. Our team is expertly trained, friendly and efficient.

We know that it is the quality and commitment of our people that makes the difference. Our goals and values are designed to encourage an open environment where ideas are shared and where our people understand that we take their development, as well as our broader responsibilities towards our community and environment, seriously.

We are built on a network of processes that are framed to produce consistent reliability in all that we do, whether in customer service, the manufacturing processes, training, technical or on-site support right through to regular objectivised meetings with our key customers. Everything is designed to produce a reliable and consistent customer experience.

Company Timeline


Date company commenced trading


First year Sales of £480k with 3 permanent staff


We open our first office suite in Newbury. Having previously had windowless office space within the warehouse unit we purchased a suite of executive cabins where the administration functions were housed.


The first PICS production facility opens


New PICS depot opens in Sheffield.


Golden Trowel competition starts


Our second suite of offices in Newbury purchased


New PICS depot opens in Manchester.


Number of employees now stands at 25


On 26th December a massive fire guts our Newbury warehouse, destroying all stocks in the process. A well-co-ordinated disaster recovery programme was put into action and with the support and understanding of our brilliant customer base we were able to recover quickly with very little impact on service and supplies.


On 1st June PICS concludes the acquisition of the Hatcrete colour division of Roy Hatfield Ltd.


The second full production facility comes on line.

Industry information and news

Latest survey results

In a recent survey 93% of people asked said they were “very satisfied” or “delighted” with the Customer Service provided by PICS.

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