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 Acid washing new pattern imprinted concrete

Dr. Concrete, PICS UK

29th AUGUST 2018

Washing the Release Agent from the surface of completed PIC is an important part of the process and exposes the true colour and pleasing aesthetics of the paving and brings the PIC “to life”. Acid Washing is one very critical part of the wash off process. Many people do it. Some do not. It is simple, easy to do, and costs very little to undertake, yet the benefits are very tangible.

Greatly reduces the chance of:

  • Sealer delamination.
  • “Tyre tear” aka “plucking” where the car gets parked.
  • “Tram lines” appearing up the drive where the antiquing has been worn off.

    Allows greater control of:

  • Degree of antiquing effect across the PIC.
  • Amount of antiquing from one pour to another.

    When acid washing is undertaken as the “norm” on ALL installations, (even patios and pathways) the feedback Dr Concrete has received from installers is often along the lines of:

  • “Changed my life”
  • “I don’t have sealer problems anymore”
  • “Wish I’d started doing it 2/3/4 years ago, when it was first suggested to me”.

    Plus of course, please don’t lose sight of the fact that if the acid washing process prevents just ONE call back and remedial per year, then any money spent on the Acid Wash process during that year is more than paid for!!

I see guys working hard doing:

  • All the expensive work, e.g. muck away, stoning up, concrete, labour.
  • All the hard physical work, e.g. digging out, laying concrete, printing concrete.
  • All the highly skilled work, e.g. colouring and patterning the concrete.

    Yet, they don’t do the cheap, easy, simple work which is the Acid Washing!

    Although the acid washing is (truly) very easy and simple, it MUST be undertaken correctly or the surface of paving will be damaged and a grainy / sandy surface will be created. (Which is then VERY difficult to rectify).

    Done correctly and in a controlled and diligent manner, no problems, only benefits.

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