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Concrete Pigment

Our Concrete pigment is available for Commercial and Domestic use.

PICS Concrete Pigment – For use on any concrete product that requires colour. 

Our concrete pigment is supplied in any quantity from 500g. Many applications for commercial or domestic users who wish to colour concrete, mortars and renders or any product that requires colour.

  • Precast products
  • Decorative concrete
  • Exposed aggregate concrete
  • Textured concrete
  • Imprinted concrete
  • Concrete colouring in general
  • Brick mortar joints
  • Coloured walls
  • Imprinted and stone effect wall renders

Concrete Pigment Applications

PICS use and supply concrete pigment for a range of uses, including recolouring and the maintenance of existing Picspave decorative concrete, for adding to solvents and sealers to use as a colour tint when carrying out a colour wash, and to integrally colour Wallcrete decorative render. All concrete pigments used within PICS manufactured products, conform to BS EN 128 78 and are manufactured under a recognised quality assurance system to ISO 9001.

Why choose PICS for your Concrete Pigment?

Many of the PICS manufactured colour products, including imprinted concrete colours, industrial quartz, colour surface hardeners, Hatcrete@ Colourmix, colour tints, Wallcrete and Hatcrete@ Adcolour incorporate high quality pigment in varying proportions. The size of our stock holding means that we are able to respond to customer orders extremely quickly,  turning around bespoke orders within a timescale unrivalled in the industry. PICS utilise pigments within our toll blending operations, and we can supply any quantity from 0.5kg upwards.

Hatcrete™ Adcolour

Where the surface finish is to be pattern imprinted, the use of a Picspave Colour Surface Hardener or Hatcrete™  Colour Hardener is essential, to enable the surface of the concrete to be moulded into the shape and texture of the imprinting mats. The imprinting process requires the use of a release agent to prevent the mats sticking to the wet concrete surface. This is usually a powdered release agent product manufactured by PICS to add additional colour to the concrete surface with a complementary secondary concrete colour powder. These products are all manufactured by PICS at our manufacturing facility in  West Sussex, using a high quality concrete colour powder to colour the materials produced.

Hatcrete™ Adcolour uses a concrete colour powder in the form of  colour conditioning granules, supplied  in 20kg bags, to provide the pre-cast concrete product manufacturer with a varying cement content from small individual pieces, to larger scale factory built products.

Hatcrete™ Colourmix

Hatcrete@ Colourmix is a colouring admixture containing a blend of pigment with colour conditioning granules, which is simply added to the concrete mix at the batching stage. Colourmix is produced to order and supplied pre-weighed in water soluble bags to colour 1 m3 of concrete in a standard range of 24 colours, but with the opportunity to look at bespoke colours based on the scale of the project.

Talk with one of our Concrete Pigment Specialists.

The team at PICS are always on hand to help, if you’d like to discuss your own requirements with one of our pigment specialists then please do call our Head Office on +44 (0) 1635 202224. Alternatively you can submit your enquiry below and one of the team will be in contact. 


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