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Does Pattern Imprinted Concrete Require Maintenance?

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Does Pattern Imprinted Concrete Require Maintainance? 

Pattern Imprinted Concrete, properly installed, requires very little upkeep. Good quality, well-laid plain grey concrete can be down for years and still maintain an excellent condition, the same is true for properly installed pattern imprinted concrete.  The only difference with pattern imprinted concrete when compared to a good quality plain grey concrete is that it’s coloured, patterned and looks attractive. PIC has all the practical benefits of any good quality concrete slab but looks good. 

In addition, the material used to colour the surface is actually stronger than the concrete itself and has a very high abrasion resistance and resistance to freeze thaw cycles and deicing salts. Furthermore, the surface is sealed with a penetrating acrylic sealer which soaks into the concrete and among other things, prevents dusting, one of the biggest wearing factors of any concrete surface.

So, in summary, you’ve got good quality concrete, hardened by the addition of colour surface hardener and sealed with a penetrating acrylic sealer.  This all comes together to create a high quality, and highly durable surface.

Resealing Your Pattern Imprinted Concrete

While pattern imprinted concrete requires very little maintenance, we do recommend that pattern imprinted concrete would benefit from a reseal every 3 to 5 years, dependent on use. Although this is not essential and there are many surfaces out there that have never been resealed, the sealed layer acts as a sacrificial layer and helps to protect the decorative surface and maintain a quality finish.

As mentioned, the top surface is the most important part of your driveway and the sealer acts as a sacrificial layer taking the wear and tear, rather than the decorative finish itself. It’s a bit like a solid oak wood floor. Whether you like wood floors or not, nobody would disagree that a solid oak wooden floor is a top-quality product. If you choose not to maintain it, it will still last for decades but the surface is more likely to get scratched, abraded and damaged. However, if you maintain that wooden floor, giving it a coat of polish, varnish or wax with a frequency that is in keeping with the usage of that particular area, then that floor will remain looking good for far longer. It’s the same with anything in life and true for imprinted concrete. If you look after something and give it a bit of periodic maintenance, it will maintain its good looks for years to come.

How To Seal a Pattern Imprinted Concrete Surface.

Sealing an imprinted concrete surface is an easy task, and can certainly be undertaken by a homeowner. It’s important to ensure the driveway is clean – remove any dirt, debris, oil etc. and also ensure the surface is bone dry. Then, apply sealer using a broom, or (suitable viton equipped) sprayer to apply evenly across the surface. Learn more about sealer for Patten Imprinted Concrete here

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