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How To Check That You Are Using A Compatable Sealer

Dr. Concrete, PICS UK

 Q. How do I check that I am using a compatible sealer?

First things first, if you are in any doubt that you may not be using a compatible sealer, we always recommend that a small test area is undertaken  and left for a few weeks to determine if the sealer is compatible with the existing surface.


There are three types of sealer which could potentially be used.

  • Solvent based acrylic sealer – Solvent based acrylics are used on 90% of paving and are very user friendly. In the unlikely event that any issues arise, they are easily resolved by waiting for a dry day and applying either a bloom remover or sealer rejuvenator to the surface. Doing so will melt the acrylic layer on the surface of the paving, returning the acrylic sealant to a liquid state. The bloom remover or surface rejuvenator will then evaporate, leaving behind a perfect acrylic layer.
  • Water based acrylic sealers – Water based sealers are far lesson common than solvent based sealers, and are less user friendly. Using a bloom remover or similar product on a water based acrylic will not melt it, as would happen with a solvent based sealer, instead  the surface will soften, but not fully melt, never returning to a uniform, cohesive coating. With water based acrylic sealers it is necessary to remove the sealer and then reseal with a fresh layer. If you are in a situation where the area is enclosed or in a public area where the fumes form a solvent based sealer would be unacceptable, then a water based sealer may be a good option. In all other instances it is sensible to opt for a solvent based sealer.
  • Urethane – Urethane sealers can be challenging to apply. Also, resolving any issues that arise after application, such as rainfall before the surface has fully dried are also very difficult . This is because urethane sealers are very resistant to chemicals. This resistance renders removers or rejuvenators useless and so you have to physically remove the coating in order to prepare the surface for resealing. A time consuming and expensive process. Urethanes are overspec and unnecessary for almost all applications.

If in doubt, speak with PICS

If you discover you have anything other than a solvent based sealer, we advise you to contact PICS and one of the team will be happy to discuss the best route forward.

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