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Block paving sealer

PICSEAL is a block paving sealer that enhances the appearance and extends the life, of block paving installations

Why choose PICS to provide your block paving sealer?

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Domestic paving sealer

PICSEAL block paving sealer was developed by PICS in 1993 to combat the constant problems of staining and weed growth and to enhance the colour and aesthetic appeal.

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New or mature block paving can be transformed with the easy spray application. PICSEAL reacts with the natural pigments in the blocks providing a sealed and easy-to-maintain finish as well as hardening the top layer of jointing sand.

  • Enhances natural block paving colours
  • Brings old paving alive
  • Easy to apply by sprayer or roller
  • Adds profit to new or old installations
  • Resists oil and stain penetration
  • Inhibits weed and algae growth
  • BS5750/ISO9000 quality approved material

PICSEAL has elastomeric properties which ensures that joints remain flexible and also allows for the easy removal of blocks and access to the substrate without expensive remedial action.

Quality and Consistency

There are many alternatives available to PICSEAL, but none are manufactured to higher standards and consistencies.  Our state of the art manufacturing plant employs digital measuring processes to ensure that the chemical mix is precisely the same in every batch we make ensuring our products will not let you down on site.

PICS Permaseal –
Commercial paving sealant

Permaseal is our water-based sealer and is suitable only in very specific situations, normally for large areas such as supermarket carparks, pedestrian walkways etc.

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Permaseal provides for even stronger binding of the jointing sand used in block paving installations.

  • Low maintenance requirement
  • Minimise the loss of jointing sand
  • Protects block surface against contaminants
  • Remains flexible in joints
  • Increases wear resistance of blocks
  • Resists high winds and assists with cleaning
  • Enhances block appearance
  • Proven concept worldwide
  • Increases block stability
  • Long-term benefits to block paving performance

PERMASEAL has elastomeric properties which ensures that joints remain flexible and also allows for the easy removal of blocks and access to the substrate without expensive remedial action.

Features and Benefits

Both PICSEAL and Permaseal enhance the natural pigment colours in concrete block paving, and brings old block paving back to life. Easy to apply using a roller or Viton™ sealer sprayer unit PICSEAL resists oil and stain penetration as well as inhibiting weed and algae growth and will bring additional income after installation from new and old projects.

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PICS currently supplies over 50% of the colour used in the UK imprinted concrete industry. In 2017 the value of export orders totalled over £500K P/A.

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Every year we supply our PICS manufactured materials to over 1,000 customers across the UK and worldwide, many of which have been customers for over a decade.

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We understand the immediacy of demand and for that reason we stock over 20,000 bags at anyone time, ensuring our full range is always ready for dispatch.

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