Manufacture and supply of specialist materials used in large commercial flooring projects.

Why choose HATCRETE for Industrial Flooring?

PICS Hatcrete manufacture and supply specialist materials for commercial installation clients. Our products have been used since 1991 on a vast range of projects including industrial flooring, warehouse flooring, sea defences, promenades, theme parks, car parks and even roads.

HATCRETE Products – Our range of Industrial Flooring products

HATCRETE® Colourmix is an admixture that integrally colours new concrete.
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HATCRETE® Adcolour is a colouring additive for cementitious materials. It provides uniform streak free colour with minimal wash down of mixing equipment. Unlike powder pigment, HATCRETE® Adcolour disperses completely and rapidly into any concrete mix.
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Water based Cure & Seal, is a transparent, acrylic polymer resin. It is a hard wearing sealing solution, improving the abrasion resistance for all forms of freshly laid or existing concrete or screed.
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A high performance sealer suitable for heavily trafficked areas.
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Industrial Quartz Colour Dry Shake is designed for heavy duty, industrial and decorative flooring applications.
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At PICS we make a commitment to going beyond the supply of materials, and focus on supporting our customers in the development of their business. We take pride in the projects they undertake, which demonstrate what is possible when industry leading products are placed in the hands of skilled tradespeople.

Key statistics

Industry Leader

PICS currently supplies over 50% of the colour used in the UK imprinted concrete industry. In 2017 the value of export orders totalled over £500K P/A.

1000+ customers

Every year we supply our PICS manufactured materials to over 1,000 customers across the UK and worldwide, many of which have been customers two decades.

20,000 Bags

We understand the immediacy of demand and for that reason we stock over 20,000 bags at anyone time, ensuring our full range is always ready for dispatch.

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