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Colourmix – Pigmented Concrete Solutions

Integral colour for concrete that has superseded traditional concrete dyes and pigments.

Pigmented Concrete

The demand for pigmented concrete has grown as products such as Hatcrete Colourmix have improved the range and depth of colour and consistency of the finished concrete structures. The range of applications where pigmented concrete has been incorporated using both Hatcrete Colourmix for large scale coloured concrete schemes, and Hatcrete Adcolour for small precast projects has grown considerably. For any applications where a designer would have historically called for pigmented concrete, think Hatcrete, Adcolour and Colourmix.

Colour Chart

To download the full Colourmix colour chart, click here


HATCRETE® Colourmix is an admixture that integrally colours new concrete.  It can be used in readymix, pre-cast or cast in-situ applications and can be colour matched to blend in or complement the surrounding landscape –  see case studies for completed coloured concrete projects using Colourmix.

Special properties

HATCRETE® Colourmix is not a conventional concrete dye or pigment, but colour conditioning granules that have superseded other methods of colouring concrete. It is a precision manufactured concrete admixture with stringently controlled properties which displays numerous advantages, including:


  • Ready to use accurate dosage.
  • Available in 23 standard colours.
  • Custom colours made to order.
  • Colour consistency guaranteed for a given cement content.
  • Minimal wash down requirements.

Usage instructions

HATCRETE® Colourmix concrete colour is pre-weighed and blended, based on the required cement content of the concrete to which it will be added, and is packaged within water-soluble bags. Each unit is formulated to be added directly to the mixer truck or concrete plant. HATCRETE® Colourmix should be cured and sealed with PICS sealing products to obtain the best performance.

Approximate coverage

Each bag is sufficient to colour 1 cubic mtr of concrete.

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