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Integral colour for concrete that has superseded traditional concrete dyes and pigments.

Colour Chart

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HATCRETE® Colourmix is a water-reducing, workability-enhancing admixture that integrally colours new concrete and increases concrete strength compared to standard granulated pigments due to lower water demand. It can be used in readymix, pre-cast or cast in-situ applications and can be colour matched to blend in or complement the surrounding landscape –  see case studies for completed coloured concrete projects using Colourmix.

Special properties

HATCRETE® Colourmix is not a conventional concrete dye or pigment, but colour conditioning granules that have superseded other methods of colouring concrete. It is a precision manufactured concrete admixture with stringently controlled properties which displays numerous advantages, including:


  • Ready to use accurate dosage.
  • Available in 23 standard colours.
  • Custom colours made to order.
  • Colour consistency guaranteed for a given cement content.
  • Increased concrete strength compared to pigments or dyes.
  • Minimal wash down requirements.

Usage instructions

HATCRETE® Colourmix concrete colour is pre-weighed and blended, based on the required cement content of the concrete to which it will be added, and is packaged within water-soluble bags. Each unit is formulated to be added directly to the mixer truck or concrete plant. HATCRETE® Colourmix should be sealed and cured with PICS sealing products to obtain the best performance.

Approximate coverage

Each bag is sufficient to colour 1 cubic metre of concrete, or smaller batch sizes can be produced as specified.

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