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Industrial Quartz Colour Hardener

Industrial Quartz Colour Hardener is designed for heavy duty, decorative flooring applications.


Industrial Quartz Colour Hardener designed for heavy duty, decorative flooring applications.

HATCRETE® Industrial Quartz should be considered for exceptional floor performance. It has all the advantages of Hatcrete Colour Hardener but with the addition of specific hard wearing minerals that offer exceptional wear resistance. It is a coloured, dry-shake, cementitious product for colouring and surface hardening freshly placed concrete. It produces an attractive, coloured, wear resistant surface and offers a decorative and interesting alternative to plain grey concrete. It is ideal for architectural design projects, heavy duty industrial flooring, production units, civic buildings, shopping areas and other projects where a light reflective, non dusting, hard wearing floor is required.  HATCRETE® Industrial Quartz should be cured and sealed with Hatcrete sealing products to obtain the best performance.

Special properties

Freshly placed concrete surfaces treated with HATCRETE® Industrial Quartz may be trowelled to a smooth finish or given a texture.

  • Available in our standard range of 20 colours.
  • Custom colours made to order.
  • Exceptional wear resistance.
  • Dense, fade resistant coloured surface.
  • Quality assured to BS EN ISO 9001:2008.
  • Pigments are UV fast and conform to BS EN 128 78.

Industrial Quartz has been rigorously tested at independent testing houses for impact and abrasion resistance. HATCRETE® Industrial Quartz was classified as “Special Grade” which is reserved for the most exceptionally hard wearing surfaces and is the highest grade achievable.

Approximate coverage

To achieve the correct surface hardness whilst ensuring durability over time, one bag should typically be used to treat around 5m2 of concrete.

Colour Chart and Technical information

To view our full range of colours for Industrial Quartz Colour Hardener, please download the chart below. 

>> Industrial Quartz Colour Hardener Colour Chart
>> Technical Information Sheet
>> Clear Sealer information sheet

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