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PICSPAVE is a system designed to create the aesthetic value and feel of natural stone, slate, cobble, tile, brick or wood. Available in over 100 designs and colour combinations, PICSPAVE will suit any application, Commercial, Industrial or Domestic.

Please note – While the colour samples we provide are meant to offer a useful guide, due to the way that colours are rendered on different devices and screens, we cannot guarantee complete accuracy in reproduction.  

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When applied to fresh wet concrete and imprinted with textured imprinting mats to authentically reproduce natural stone, slate, brick, tile or wood paving PICSPAVE CSH forms a toughened,attractive and wear resistant surface that is slip and stain resistant.

Special properties

  • Imparts elastic properties to the concrete surface allowing deep texture and precise detail from all imprinting mats.
  • Special Admixtures minimise risk of plastic shrinkage enhancing strength and appearance.
  • Ultra Violet (UVA) stable pigments conform to BS1014 guarantee colours will not fade as a result of direct sunlight.
  • Improved workability and low water demand create an exceptionally tough, durable surface.
  • Available in 20 standard colours that are inter-compatible and can be blended together to achieve special colours with confidence.

Application instructions

The concrete slab should be in accordance with the PICSPAVE specified concrete mix and finished in accordance with PICSPAVE Typical Specification Number 102.

When surface bleed water has evaporated, CSH is evenly applied by hand in one application (two equal applications when being used at 5kg/m2), care being taken not to cast CSH long distances or in strong wind. Immediately after wetting out, CSH must be worked into the surface using a magnesium float until the slab is uniform in colour and level.

Final finishing to close pores and remove undulations prior to imprinting must be carried out with a steel trowel. Careful finishing of the slab edges and finishing of the construction joint where adjoining slabs are to be poured must be carried out prior to application of Release Agent and placing of PICSPAVE imprinting mats.

Approximate coverage

The recommended coverage for PICS colour surface hardener for domestic applications is 2.5 kg/m2 although the more that is applied, the greater the abrasion resistance, particularly on high trafficked areas. When used in the commercial environment, the recommended coverage is increased to 5.0 kg/m2 to provide the suitable abrasion resistance and wearing characteristics.

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