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Release agent

PICSPAVE (RA) is a pre-mixed, coloured blend of submicronic powders.


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To allow easy and free release of PICSPAVE Textured Imprinting Mats from the wet surface of concrete after application and finishing of PICSPAVE CSH and to create secondary pigmentation of the low points of the textured surface by imparting a contrasting colour.

Special properties

  • Allows deep and complex imprints and easy imprinting mat removal without surface tearing.
  • Will not cake or become brittle on wet surfaces.
  • Excellent surface adhesion – not removed by wind once applied.
  • 100% Hydrophobic to create a total moisture barrier.
  • Available in 12 standard colours that are inter-compatible and can be blended with confidence to create special colours.
  • Free flowing yet cohesive – does not segregate upon application.
  • Ultra Violet (UVA) stable pigments conform to BS1014 guarantee colours will not fade as a result of direct sunshine.

Application instructions

After the CSH has been applied to the concrete, floated, trowelled and tested for firmness, RA should be applied after being thoroughly hand mixed in its container.

RA should be gently cast onto the concrete surface; do not cast over long distances as it will become airborne. Do not over apply – only a very thin layer is needed, sufficient has been applied when the CSH colour is masked by the colour of the RA. When the area to be printed has been covered with RA, the first imprinting mat can be placed

Approximate coverage

6m2 to 7m2 per kg.

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