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Recreating the appearance of natural stone, brick or rock walling from days gone by.

Why choose WALLCRETE wall render?

WALLCRETE is a very advanced lightweight render that has been specifically designed to recreate many of the natural products that are used in all types of walling, rock carving and sculpting, and construction. WALLCRETE opens up a whole new range of possibilities for Plasterers, Theming Artists and Sculptors, Builders and Developers, Interior Designers and Homeowners alike.

Product guides to download

To support the information available on our website we also have downloadable product guides.

>> WALLCRETE Product Guide

Benefits of WALLCRETE

WALLCRETE is a long-lasting, lightweight and versatile bagged render product, which provides a stunning finish to internal and external walls and other projects such as theme parks, fishponds and kennels!

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We want our customers to be successful and will do everything we can to help. Our technical advisors are hugely experienced in every facet of the installation of imprinted concrete and will give impartial and practical advice on any questions raised.


Quickly learn how to produce great results and understand how to exploit the enormous potential of the product. Training sessions are mostly practical, covering essential aspects of planning, preparation and priming of the surface for the application of WALLCRETE itself and how to imprint the patterns, add artistic designs and colours as well as other features, ensuring a unique finish to every project.

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Our depots in Newbury, Sheffield and Manchester are all fully stocked and ready to respond to all level of demand.

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WALLCRETE Products – Our range of wall render products

Below is an overview of the Wallcrete product range. You can download a copy of our Wallcrete product guide here.


WALLCRETE is a user friendly highly advanced lightweight render, which contains a bonding agent to enable simple mixing with water. A range of integral colours are available to produce a wide palette of coloured mixes, and it is supplied in 20kg polypropylene bags.

Wall imprinting mats

PICS manufacture a range of heavy duty WALLCRETE imprinting mats, which replicate a variety of natural stone textures and finishes. Dry stone walls and stacked and random stone finishes are designed into the imprints for a natural and effective appearance. Mats are available for purchase or hire through our depot network.

Textured skins

PICS manufacture a range of textured finish skin mats, offering installers benefits in speed of installation. Effects such as York Stone, Bath Stone and French Granite are taken from real impressions of the natural stone, offering refurbishment contractors options for repairs and replication of expensive finishes. Check out the Wallcrete Product Guide for examples.

Wall liquid release agent

A simple to apply sprayable liquid for ensuring effective and simple imprinting of the WALLCRETE mats without sticking to the surface, allowing a depth of imprint that creates a realistic natural finish. Available in 5 litre or 25 litre containers with a coverage of 3-4 square metres per litre.

Wall Seal

Designed to protect the WALLCRETE surface from the elements, and enhance the natural colour of the WALLCRETE or WALLSTAIN finishes. This Matt finish acrylic solvent based in-surface seal, is available in 5 litre or 25 litre options with a coverage of between 3-4 square metres per litre.

Wall Stain

Wall Stain is an extra strength stain, which creates a low sheen natural appearance on Wallcrete surfaces. It is water submersible, alkali, weather and UV light resistant and is compatible with Wall Seal, and available in 120ml or 980ml containers in a standard range of 20 colours. Wall Stain can be used as a complete base colour or to highlight feature stones within a wall.

Wall Pigment

A range of Wall pigment colours are available to be added to WALLCRETE as an integral colour. Used in predetermined proportions, a variation of the same colour tones can be achieved, allowing the walling contractor, artist or theming sculptor to offer creative or bespoke coloured finishes. Available in 2.5 kg containers, or 25kg bags for larger projects.


PICS provide a range of mixing, carving and finishing tools to aid the WALLCRETE installer, including measuring containers, textured rollers and sculptors carving hand tools. All tools are demonstrated at our popular practical training days, and available at all depots.

Product showcase

At PICS we make a commitment to going beyond the supply of materials, and focus on supporting our customers in the development of their business. We take pride in the projects they undertake, which demonstrate what is possible when world leading products are placed in the hands of skilled tradespeople.

Key statistics

Industry Leader

PICS currently supplies over 50% of the colour used in the UK imprinted concrete industry. In 2017 the value of export orders totalled over £500K P/A.

1000+ customers

Every year we supply our PICS manufactured materials to over 1,000 customers across the UK and worldwide, many of which have been customers for over a decade.

20,000 Bags

We understand the immediacy of demand and for that reason we stock over 20,000 bags at anyone time, ensuring our full range is always ready for dispatch.

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