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Both classroom theory and practical on-site training are provided for all products by our experienced paving and walling industry in-house team.

Our range of training programmes – successfully launching Business Opportunities since 1992.

If you are interested in the Business opportunities that exist within the industry and are thinking of setting up or expanding your operation, or indeed looking for refresher courses for you or your team, you are at the right place. Training is offered for classroom theory, refresher and on-site training for all products and systems, as well as contractor support across all types of installation challenges. From a homeowner to an architect contractor or engineer, PICS can communicate across all levels to help projects incorporate our products and services into any size and scope of project.

Since 1992 we have trained upwards of 5,000 people in the various industry sectors we supply and support.. Many hundreds of these formed their own business and still operate successfully today.

But training is only the start of our relationship with the businesses who attend. Nobody has all the answers after a Training Day so the ongoing FREE Technical Support PICS provides is absolutely vital, especially in the early days for a new installer, while they are still in the learning phase. Our Technical and Training Team have a combined 50+ years’ experience in the decorative concrete industry, many of which were spent working on-site, so they know what they are talking about and are delighted to help in any way they can.

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Upcoming sessions

Below you’ll find a list of all the training sessions we run. If you’d like to talk through your own training requirements in more detail, or find out more about our courses please do call the office on +44 (0) 1635 202224


PICSPAVE (Imprinted Concrete) Theory Training

The objective of the Theory Training day is to enable attendees to understand the key principles, skills and issues involved in undertaking a complete PICSPAVE (Imprinted Concrete) installation. All the required tools, material requirements and imprinting mats will be identified, and key facts to enable installers to improve the selling and marketing of PICSPAVE will be discussed.

PICSPAVE (Imprinted Concrete) On-site Training

The objective of On-Site training is to produce installers who are able to confidently and efficiently install areas of PICSPAVE to a high standard, and who can then reproduce that standard with minimal remedial work.

The basic on-site training day covers concrete laying, colouring, use of release agents, imprinting borders and patterns and is based on a one day site visit. Although not normally necessary, additional days covering site preparation and planning, installing movement joints, the washing off or the sealing processes can be arranged as required.

PICSPAVE On-site Training - International

The training plans are based on a 10 day visit outside the UK excluding travel.

The plans include a guide as to how many square metres of PICSPAVE will be installed each day. Increased productivity must not be at the sacrifice of quality training and a thorough understanding of the process.

The primary objective of the training programme is to produce trainees who are able to confidently and efficiently install areas of PICSPAVE to a productivity level that is relative to their experience. Installations should be to a consistently good standard with minimal remedials and corrections. They should also have sufficient understanding of the process to be able to plan ahead for the entire cycle of the paving installation.

PICSPAVE (Imprinted Concrete) Evaluation Presentation

The objective of this free half day presentation is to enable you to evaluate the benefits of starting a new business in this field or adding the installation and marketing of PICSPAVE to your current business.

You will discuss the financial costs and profit potential, along with the marketing input required to successfully build and market PICSPAVE in your local area.

You will understand all the costs involved in setting up a team of installers, covering the tools, equipment and training requirements, along with successful marketing strategies which the team at PICS have gained from years of working with many of the most successful companies in the industry. We will provide an opportunity to plan for the next step forward and agree an action plan specifically for your business.

WALLCRETE (Decorative Wall Render) Theory and Practical Training

The objective of this is for those attending to gain a thorough understanding of the system, the basic skills involved, the size of the market, the investment required to get started, achievable profit targets and how to reach them.

The day covers the basic concept of the WALLCRETE system, what is required to produce great results, an outline of the enormous potential that exists for businesses entering this market and how to maximise that profit potential.

The practical training covers the essential planning, preparation and priming of the surface, the application of WALLCRETE itself and how to imprint the patterns and add artistic carving, colouring and added features to produce the best results.

Contractors already involved in imprinted concrete will already have most of the required skills and knowledge so should readily be able to add WALLCRETE to their portfolio of services.

WALLCRETE On-site Training

The WALLCRETE training day thoroughly covers the theory and practical aspects of the system; because the installation process is not particularly time critical we have found that there is seldom the need for further on site training, particularly for those already involved in the imprinted concrete industry. As installers gain experience and develop their skills, questions are bound to arise but these can normally be handled very well with a telephone call to our technical department.

If you feel on-site training would be beneficial we are happy to attend to offer advice on any of the stages of the process, whether that be:

  • Initial Planning and Preparation.
  • Applying WALLCRETE and Imprinting the render.
  • Carving the wall after imprinting.
  • Colouring and sealing.
PICSBOND Evaluation Presentation

PICS provide the theory and skills required to install both the PICSBOND Trowel Down and PICSBOND Broadcast systems with an understanding of the products and alternatives available.

All tools, consumable materials, and base preparation required for successful overlays will be discussed, with additional focus on marketing and promotional activities to ensure that sales opportunities are effectively exploited.

There is additional information provided to consider using the Picspave Textured Skin and exposed aggregate methods of using concrete if a complete paving replacement is necessary.

PICSBOND On-site Training

PICS will carry out on-site training to order, both inside and outside the UK. All material requirements will be organised and delivered to site prior to the training being undertaken, and necessary site preparation and plans for the design and layout of the project will be discussed with the trainer beforehand.

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