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Polythene – Uses & Benefits

Dr. Concrete, PICS UK

3rd DECEMBER 2018

The polythene that PICS sell is far more cost effective than other polythene in terms of cost per square metre, because it is thin.

For covering up freshly laid concrete, thin polythene is far better to use than thick polythene. This is because when unfolded, thin polythene does not retain the fold lines, whereas thick polythene when unfolded, does retain the fold lines and these fold lines can mark the unhardened concrete surface with straight lines.

Polythene can be used for protecting the concrete from rain, and is used in the frost protection process in the winter.

It is easier to cover up cars and other awkward items with thin polythene.

It is easier to cover up bushes and shrubs with thin polythene to protect them, and in the Autumn, covering plants and shrubbery will help to stop leaves falling onto the concrete when the team are brushing up against the leaves.

Using polythene not only makes life easier and keeps the site tidier, it also looks professional to the customer and also other people (who are potential customers) watching the job being installed. It is clear to all that every effort is being made to keep the work site tidy.

Summer or winter, thin polythene (or indeed thick polythene) can be used to cover the sub base prior to laying the concrete. Polythene acts as a slip membrane, and can help reducing the chance of cracking over time. It can also reduce the chance of cracking in the short term caused by rapid (and/or uneven) water loss from the slab. By retaining the water, the surface remains moist thereby reducing the chance of surface fractures from the printing process.

Laying on polythene will make the job easier and enable better quality work to be undertaken.

In winter, polythene will reduce bleed water from the sub base wetting the concrete, which will have been laid much drier in the winter months.

Reasons not to have polythene on site for one or all of the above, ZERO.

Reasons to have polythene on site, PLENTY.

Reasons to have thin polythene. QUITE A FEW.

Dr Concrete

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