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At PICS we’re committed to the success of our customers. As well as investing in continual product development and offering a range of training options, our very own Dr. Concrete is on hand to provide advice and guidance here at the Concrete Surgery. If there is a question that you’s like answered that doesn’t feature here then please let us know and we’ll be sure to add it to the list.

Polythene – Uses & Benefits

The polythene that PICS sell is far more cost effective than other polythene in terms of cost per square metre, because it is thin.

For covering up freshly laid concrete, thin polythene is far better to use than thick polythene. This is because when unfolded, thin polythene does not retain the fold lines, whereas thick polythene when unfolded, does retain the fold lines and these fold lines can mark the unhardened concrete surface with straight lines.

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What mix? CEM1 or CEM2 or CEM3?

Well guys, this hot weather is continuing (no rain, great eh!), so I thought I’d continue down the hot weather tips. We’ve done the shades and the polythene, so let’s go onto a BRIEF bit on concrete, or more precisely, the cement in concrete.

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How much colour surface hardener is it best to use?

I know many of you guys know (and over the years have learnt!!!) the answer to this question. Nonetheless Dr Concrete often gets asked how much CSH should be used on an installation and the reasons why. So, I apologise in advance that this Dr Concrete may seem a little bit long winded.

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Adapt your concrete mix for the winter

Now that the temperatures are dropping the pressure is off. It’s a different game. There’s little chance of the concrete “getting away” from you. In fact, as many of you will know, it’s quite the opposite. You’ve laid the concrete and then it’s a waiting game. And it can be a VERY boring waiting game.

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Concrete and freeze thaw cycles and de-icing salts

This cold climate and freeze thaw issue has been around for as long as I’ve been involved in the industry (25 years) and as each year passes, I realise that when the job is undertaken to the correct standard, (as indeed the majority are) the concrete is not damaged by these conditions, whether that is in Iceland, Czech Republic or the UK.

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Using additional fibres to ‘Dry up’ the concrete

Ok, so Dr Concrete #10, ‘Adapt your Concrete Mix for the Winter’, was about changing the concrete mix design in the winter to reduce the time hanging around on site waiting for the concrete to ‘go off’, and in the process the additional benefit of getting a better quality job.

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